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Dec 3, 2011: San Francisco, CA

* Denotes special Luxury Edition Workshop: On-location shoot with multiple sets in a luxurious suite of an up-scale boutique hotel. May go as late as 11PM depending on number of participants.

Don't see a workshop coming up in your area? Contact Bombshell Betty to find out how you can host a workshop in your city! It's easy, so come join the fun!


PART ONE: Pinup Posing Workshop

At the Pinup Posing Workshop, you will learn:

- Posture and posing secrets that work with any photography style to strategically emphasize and de-emphasize body parts to visually sculpt your body: emphasize your bustline, slim the midriff, elongate your legs, and slim out your hips or add weight to your booty (depending on your preferences)

- Pinup posing and photo movement, including specifics for face, body and hands.

- Techniques you can practice at home to master the art of always looking fabulous in front of the camera.

- Effective prop use: learn to pose well with everything from chairs to parasols to your own clothing and costuming.

- Personality projection: You’ve heard that “it’s all in the eyes” and the best models “make love to the camera.” Learn how to gain confidence in front of the camera and present a powerful persona.

- Photo styling: Coordinating clothing, accessories, props and backdrop/background to create stunning and effective imagery...


PART TWO: Pinup Photo Shoot

At the Pinup Photo Shoot, you will receive:

- Photo makeup and retro hair styling makeover: We take you through a retro makeup lesson detailing basic photo makeup application and the different makeup looks for 1920s-1960s and help you achieve the makeup look of your choice. Then your hair will be styled in the retro hairstyle of your choice by Bombshell Betty and her team!

- Plenty of time with our fabulously talented photographer, shooting multiple looks for a wide variety of images.

- Gentle instruction and detailed posing direction from Bombshell Betty and/or her staff during the shoot to ensure you get the most flattering images possible.

- Light snack and refreshments provided.


After the shoot, you will receive:

- A disk including high-resolution copies of all the images from the shoot, so that you may see for yourself which poses work for you and which ones to work on. This is highly unusual in the industry, as most photographers will only give you low-res proof images and charge you an additional fee for each high-res image or print that you order! With a Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop, there are no hidden costs or need to buy the photos after the shoot!


US Pinup Workshops: $295

Choose your workshop:

At this price, this one-of-a-kind workshop and photo shoot is a steal! Not only do you get personal instruction and individual direction by Bombshell Betty, you get many flattering high-resolution photos capturing multiple looks.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so please register early to be guaranteed a spot in the workshop. Register online with your credit card or Paypal account or contact Bombshell Betty for additional registration options.

Bombshell Betty Dance maintains that it is the responsibility of the registrant to determine whether they will be able to attend all the classes in the session or workshop they are enrolling in at the time of purchase. Please note that there will be no refund or prorate for unattended classes.
Read the Bombshell Betty Dance terms and policies



Location: Bombshell Betty Studio

Dec 3rd 2011, San Francisco, CA: 3:00-9:00pm

Choose this workshop:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this workshop fill?/When is the cut-off date?/Can I come the day of and participate?/Can I be on the wait-list?
Do you provide wardrobe for the shoot?
What should I bring to the workshop?
What should I wear to the workshop?
How should I prepare for the shoot?
Will you help with my hair and makeup?
Do I have to sign a model release?
Will you use the pictures from the shoot?
How can I use the pictures from the shoot?
When will I get my pictures after the shoot?
Do you offer private photo shoots?
I've done some modeling already. Is this for me?
Can I bring someone with me? -and/or- I am a photographer, can I observe your workshop?


When will this workshop fill?/When is the cut-off date?/Can I come the day of and participate?/Can I be on the wait-list?

We get these questions a lot. The honest answer is always, "I don't know". We have limitted space in the workshops. We go by a "first paid, first reserved" system and when they fill, that's all there is to it. If there is space, then we can usually accomodate a last minute registration. We HIGHLY recommend that you get your space early. We have literally had as many as 8 registrations in one day and workshops have filled 3-4 months in advance (especially in CA, NYC, FL, IL, & WA). Most of the workshops fill before the day of. We have had many people ask to be on our wait-list and only a couple times has there been a cancellation that allowed someone to get in.

Do you provide wardrobe for the shoot?

I can provide vintage negligees, wraps, and accessories, however you will need to at least bring your own intimate lingerie and shoes. Please contact me if you would like this service and be sure to tell me which workshop you are attending. Also, it never hurts to remind me when you get the preparation e-mail a week or so before the workshop.

What should I bring to the workshop?

* Bring two full outfits, including all jewellery and accessories and props if you've got them. "Outfits" can be anything you want: lingerie ensembles, costumes, evening wear, vintage pinup dresses, etc. Keep in mind that layering and props are great ways to get multiple looks out of one outfit, and it's better to bring more than you think you'll use than wish you'd brought things you left at home!

* Bring fun props if you've got them! I have fans, boas, parasols, a few hats, and other fun props which you can use, and feel free to bring more so that everyone will have lots of options. Some people even bring their own furniture to the shoot to complete their "pinup storyline."

* Your makeup! A good foundation that matches your skin tone, translucent powder, and mascara are essential. If you don't have a lot of makeup, don't worry! I have enough for everyone! False eyelashes are very dramatic, and if you want to use them either bring your own or let me know in advance so that I can bring enough with me.

* Hair supplies! Hot rollers or curling iron, brushes, and accessories. I will have some hair pins, hair spray, etc. but the more the better, especially if you have a color preference for pins or brands you prefer.

* Bring styling photos (hair and makeup) for looks you would like to try during the shoot. Bringing pictures will help us get the looks you want! Keep your hair texture and length in mind when choosing styles.

* Bring some music to play during the photo shoot, either on CD or on iPod. It can help a lot to have music playing that makes you feel sexy! * BYOB (optional, must be 21+) A little bit of liquid courage can help sometimes, so feel free to bring along something to drink if you'd like. Champagne is always fun and celebratory!

* Bring munchies (optional). I always provide finger foods and some beverages during the shoot, however if you'd like more sustainance than light snack foods, bring along a bagged lunch.

What should I wear to the workshop?

For the first part of the workshop, wear comfortable, form fitting clothes that you can move in easily. You will want to be able to see how the silhouette of your body changes when you adopt different postures and poses, so it is essential that you can see your body! Feel free to bring something body conscious to change into when you get to the studio. I also recommend wearing shoes like the ones you think you'd like to wear for the shoot. If you're going to wear heels for the shoot, it helps to practice posing in heels. And remember that dressing up is fun! Feel free to wear something that makes you feel sexy!

Keep in mind that tight bras, tight socks, tight waistbands, etc. can leave imprints on your skin that will not be flattering in the pictures. If you have a robe or house coat to wear during styling and in between sets, that may be comfortable for you and can minimize these marks.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

One thing I hear from participants a lot and that I have learned from my own modeling experience is that the level of planning and preparation you put into your themes and wardrobe will be reflected in the pictures. If you are looking for sexy vintage lingerie shots, you will need to bring less than if you want complete themes and "storylines" for your photos. Look at sample photos in my galleries to get an idea of what I mean.

I would recommend starting packing for the workshop at least a week in advance, or at least start planning your outfits mentally at this time and write a list of everything you will want to bring so that you won't forget anything!

Other than planning and packing your outfits, you will need to take care of your grooming. Hair should be clean, all necessary shaving should be done, finger and toe nails should be groomed. If you will be waxing or having a facial or anything that might irritate your skin, schedule it at least a few days before the shoot!

Will you help with my hair and makeup?

Yes! You will get a retro makeup and hair makeover for the photo shoot! We take you through a retro makeup lesson detailing basic photo makeup application and the different makeup looks for 1920s-1960s and help you achieve the makeup look of your choice. Then your hair will be styled in the retro hairstyle of your choice by Bombshell Betty and her team! Be sure to bring your own foundation and mascara at least, but don't worry if you don't have very much makeup. We have enough for you to experiment and play with!

Do I have to sign a model release?

No one is required to sign a model release. I do request that participants sign a release allowing all parties to use images from the shoot for promotional purposes (i.e. the sample gallery on my website), but this is only a request. If you only want the images from the shoot used for private, personal use and not for public display, I will respect your privacy and not use any of the pictures. However, if you want to use the images for your own promotion or for any public display, I will ask that you grant me the same permission.

Will you use the pictures from the shoot?

Only with your permission. If you are comfortable signing a model release, I will still allow you the right to approve any images before I use them. Sometimes I like different pictures than the model likes, and I will always respect your right to veto images that you don't want to be displayed. If at some point I would like to use your image for any commercial use (sell prints, publish in a book, show at a gallery), I will contact you and see if you are interested in working out a new agreement for this.

How can I use the pictures from the shoot?

In most cases, I will grant you the right to use the photos for the same purposes that you grant rights to me. If you are interested in using the images commercially, please contact me to work out an agreement and a special contract.

When will I get my pictures after the shoot?

Depending on my schedule, I send a disk with all of your pictures soon after the workshop. If you haven't received your disk within 3 weeks, contact me and I will send you another one.

Do you offer private photo shoots?

Yes, I love doing private photo shoots! Contact me for rates and availability.

I've done some modeling already. Is this for me?

The public Pinup Workshops are designed for people with little or no modeling experience. It is a great way for people who are not sure what to do in front of the camera to get more comfortable and come away with many beautiful pictures of themselves. Many ladies come back again and again, and each time they are more comfortable and require less direction.

If you are already comfortable in front of the camera, the pinup posing techniques will probably be new to you, while you will probably already know a lot of the basic non-pinup specific modeling techniques. We have had people who have already done some modeling tell us that they got a lot out of the workshop and improved their posing and we have had others that came just to build their portfolio. Ultimately, we do our best to make sure everyone has a good time and comes away with many great pictures. If you are unsure whether this is for you, please feel free to contact me.

Can I bring a someone with me?

For reasons of space and the comfort of participants, the workshop is for paid participants, Bombshell Betty, and her staff only. We encourage people to invite their friends to register. It is a fun day to share with people you already know. If you think you have a large group interested, we can also plan a private/group workshop for just you and them in your area! E-mail for more details.

Read what students are saying...

Fifty2weeks: One of our SF workshop participants is writing a blog where she tries a new thing every week. Read what she had to say about the Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop she attended .

Thank you Betty for an amazing photo shoot! I got dozens of photos that I *love*, thanks to your coaching and Randy's fabulous photography... I just got some big prints of my favorite shots and I am so happy with them... Thanks again, you are super talented and I have had a lot of fun being part of Bombshell Betty's world.
- Jessica T., San Francisco

I just wanted to say THANK YOU soooo much for everything. The evening was amazingly fun and you were such a great help the entire time! Thank you for all the direction while I was in front of the camera, too, without you I'd really have been Lost! Randy was also awesome. He did my hair perfectly and totally didn't make anyone uncomfortable, being that he was the only guy there! The two of you are a great team and made the entire workshop soooo much fun! I can't wait 'til you're in L.A. again, I will certainly be signing up for this again! Thank you again! Take Care!
- Melissa (aka, Bombshell Mel), Los Angeles

Jenni loved her present. I thank you so much for the amazing night you gave her. She was so happy and pleased with the way everything turned out. I trust her judgement implicitly and when she says that you and your crew were fantastic I know it to be true. We will definitely be passing the word about your amazing workshop. Thank you again. I had been counting down the days to this event even though I would not be able to see it myself.
- Karen N., New York

Hi Betty! First of all, I would like to say (a bit belated, but better late than never) that my pictures were SO GREAT and I had so much fun at your workshop! Thank you so much! The workshop wasn't just about makeovers and photos - it was self-confidence and femininity and power. I am definitely going to do this again.
- Thu N., San Francisco

BETTY!!! OMIGOODNESS!!! The pictures turned out awesome!!! (You sure you didn’t photoshop someone else in there?) Geez! They were so great! You are such an amazing director and photographer! So wonderful! I had a total BLAST!!! This was the most FUN I have had in a very long time! YAY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
- Brenna P., San Francisco

There were so many great photos to choose from. I can’t wait to see the look on [my husband’s] face! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience. It really challenged me to feel good in my own skin, and with all of the help from you and [our stylist], the final product is amazing. Thanks again for putting this together and I wish you all the best in your continued work to bring out the beauty in all of us! Best regards,
- YoLawnda L., Oakland

These are great! And the workshop was a complete blast ... it really exceeded my expectations. It’s very hard to create a space and keep that much energy going all afternoon with that many people - but you and [the photographer] did. I had a great time, and I think everyone else did, too. I’m not really sure what suggestions to offer to make it “better” ... seriously, that was one of the most fun things I’ve done in the last few months. Thanks!
- D.C., Seattle

I had a great experience with the workshop as a whole. I learned about my body, and I gained significant confidence in front of the camera. The day of the photoshoot, we had an incredibly fun day. Between you and Mona, our photographer, I felt comfortable and happy, and this translated into a ton of great photographs, a completely new experience for me.
- Trish S., San Francisco

I can’t believe how fantastic EVERYONE looks! Your instructions along with [the photographer’s] skills were right on. It was such a fun experience, and totally comfortable. Just a bunch of ladies having lots of fun making love to the camera!
- Aurora V., San Francisco

Seattle, WA


Chicago, IL



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