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Negotiation 101 for Performers

Bombshell Betty Dance is proud to announce a wonderful workshop on negotiation skills for performers, presented by Randy Johnson. Many performers love the creative aspects of performance but have not learned the skills needed to make it work from a business perspective. Women, in particular, are not taught negotiation skills or encouraged to demand what they are worth in this culture.

In Women on Top: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Rewriting the Rules of Business Success, Margaret Heffernan writes, "Women aren't usually very good at asking. The fact that we don't like to ask for more money is one reason we remain underpaid and underpromoted. The fact that we don't like negotiating is one reason we tend to lose out in divorce settlements. Much of our socializing militates against asking. We are supposed to sit quietly and wait - to be asked to dance, to be asked to marry. Traditional definitions of femininity emphasize passivity and patience. In business this could be fatal..."

No matter what your gender, negotiation is a very important life skill. For those of you who won't be able to make it to Randy's workshop, he has written up some very helpful tips for improving negotiation and positive communication in general, so read both segments in this page:

* Negotiation 101 for Performers
* "10 Quick Tips for Successful Negotiation" by Randy Johnson

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Negotiation 101 for Performers

Are you living the starving artist lifestyle?
Is your group not getting paid what it's worth?
Do you wonder how some people can make a living from their art alone?

Most of the time it's not the most talented performers that make the money, it's the bolder and the better negotiator that makes more money. Negotiation skills can make the difference between being an avid hobbyist and creating supplemental income or even a full-time career. Negotiating is a learned skill that our culture teaches some people and not others. Other cultures have completely different views on negotiating. What can we all learn from all cultures, how can it help us grow, and (maybe more importantly) how can it make/save us money?

Come learn some common mistakes that new performers/negotiators make and how to avoid making them. Get the basic negotiation skills you need to take your performance career to the next level and learn to start asking for what you want in this special two-hour seminar!

The seminar will be presented in three parts:

1) Lecture/Discussion
2) Role Playing (volunteer only)
3) Q&A

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Randy Johnson was in high end sales for 10 years, has been head of booking for bands/performance groups, and also head of booking for venues.

November 13
7-9 PM


Bombshell Betty's
715 Bryant St # 102
@ 5th St. in SF
Look for the red door!


MEMBERS REGISTRATION (Levels 2 and 3): Only $15!
Learn about Bombshell Betty's Membership Program.

To sign up with your Member's Discount, please contact Bombshell Betty for instructions.

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by Randy Johnson

01) Walk into every negotiation knowing what you want, have to have, and are willing to concede: "$50 is a must, but I can give up on the free drinks."

02) Use positive communication techniques and words: Replacing "but" with "and" is the easiest. Try to avoid saying, "no" or "I can't". Tell them what you CAN do.

03) Answer a question with a question: If asked how long a set you can do, ask them how long they need.

04) Acknowledge all points, questions, and objections: Not responding is a one way ticket to no-gig-ville.

05) Use empathy to avoid confrontation while still disagreeing: "I hear you saying that I am asking too much money. I am the best in the area for this and I have a huge following of fans. You might find that I am worth the extra money."

06) Be honest: Make sure you can deliver what you are promising. If you get one gig by overstating what you can do, you certainly won't get a second.

07) Keep your negative self talk to yourself: Only say things about yourself or your performance that will be positive.

08) Never miss a good opportunity to shut up and/ or wait for a reply: Open mouth, insert foot!

09) The one who names a price first, usually loses: If you say $50 and they would have paid $100 if you let them say it first, you just lost $50.

10) Look for different angles to get to your goal: If you can't have 50% of the door, can you get dinner and/or get a hotel room instead?

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