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Bombshell Betty is a pin-up and burlesque obsessed entrepreneur and innovator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Already having several years of professional performance behind her, she leaped headlong into the burlesque life in 2000 when she began touring regularly across the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

A self-proclaimed "body image activist," Betty's motto, “If you feel sexy, then you are sexy!” informs every project that she embarks upon, including all of the Everyday Bombshell Programs:

* In March, 2004, Betty started teaching her wildly popular "Burlesquercise" dance classes and is now a premier US burlesque instructor with her own studio in downtown San Francisco, her student list numbering in the thousands for her classes and workshops.

* She has been offering "Bombshell Betty Pin-up Workshops" since 2005, which include a retro styling makeover and lesson, a posing lesson to help attendees learn to be photogenic, plus a photo shoot. In April 2007, Betty launched her "Luxury Edition Pin-up Workshop Tour", bringing the Pin-up Workshops to luxury hotels across the US, including such cities as NYC, LA, Philadelphia, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Orlando, and many more.

Betty also teaches private classes for birthday and bachelorette parties, costuming and retro styling workshops, and travels the country making guest instruction appearances at various dance studios. Many performers in both the US and international burlesque scenes got their start through Bombshell Betty’s classes, and established performers from around the world also take the classes to learn new moves and polish up their stage presentation.

Bombshell Betty produces several variety and burlesque shows every month in the San Francisco Bay Area with her traditional jazz/burlesque band, as well as working on other new and unusual burlesque and pinup related projects. She released the "Intro to Burlesquercise!" DVD in December 2006 and "Plain Jane to Pinup Queen: Pinup Modeling Workshop in a Book" in October 2008, both of which sell on 5 continents.

In her "spare" time, Betty enjoys making her own costumes, playing with her parrot, and creating collage artwork using her pin-up photography. Some of her collage pieces were recently shown in a pin-up themed art show in a major San Francisco art gallery. Betty always has something new up her sleeve (or *ahem* tucked into her garter), so stay tuned for more wild and wacky antics!

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