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Introduction to Burlesquercise DVD!
Pull your lingerie out of the back of the drawer and get ready for a unique and sexy workout, because now you can do "Burlesquercise!" in the privacy of your own home. Combining exercise with burlesque dancing and fun choreography, "Burlesquercise!®" proves that exercising can be sexy and FUN! So throw on your stockings, grab a boa and let's shake it!

The "Intro to Burlesquercise!®"  DVD includes the following segments:

Bump N Grind Warmup: Shimmy, shake and bump yourself into shape with this fun and sensual warmup based on the traditional burlesque bump and grind. This is a lighthearted and sexy warmup you'll want to do every day. Get your shimmy on and loosen up those tassel twirling muscles!

Pinup Floor Workout: These pinup-inspired toning exercises focus on toning your legs, hips and abdominals, building on the postures and moves learned in the Bump N Grind Warmup. The exercises are as easy or as difficult as you make them, so you can increase the difficulty as your strength increases, always moving at your own pace. One long time "Burlesquerciser" swears that these moves have done wonders for her sex life! See what they can do for you!

Burlesque Strut - Leg Work: Your strut provides the foundation for your entire burlesque stage presentation, so that's where we start off. With this segment, you will learn how to show off those legs to advantage! Learn the proper way to step to elongate your legs, show off your curves and look light on your feet. Confident, showgirl posture is emphasized while going through a series of easy-to-learn and elegant dance moves to embellish your sexy new walk. With moves like these, you'll have million dollar legs in no time!

Pinup Dance Moves: Learn Bombshell Betty's technique for creating your own authentic-looking retro pinup dance moves! Combined with your sexy new strut and your bump and grind dance moves, these easy to learn moves add drama and glamour to any act, whether on stage or in the privacy of your home. Be the living, breathing pinup queen you've always wanted to be!

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