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Plain Jane to Pinup Queen: Pinup Workshop in a Book
Do you think you are just not photogenic or that you don't have the right body type to look good in pictures? Do you cringe every time someone pulls out a camera at an event? I have good news for you...

Anyone can learn to be more photogenic!

It's all in learning the secrets to visually sculpting your body through posing techniques and learning how to express your personality vibrantly in front of the camera. Believe it or not, these skills CAN be taught! This book is your key to finally having the flattering pictures that you want. No previous modeling skill or experience is required.


Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshops offer women of every body type, age, and background the opportunity to learn how to look and feel fabulous in front of a camera, improve body image, and learn the modeling skills needed to get great results from future photo shoots and candid pictures! Many women who have taken the workshop have been shocked by the results - they never imagined they could look so glamorous and photogenic!

Whether you are looking to get started as a professional pinup model or you simply want to dazzle your loved ones and shock your enemies with your fabulous new self, this one-of-a-kind book will transform you into the living, breathing pinup queen you’ve always wanted to be!

With this book, you will learn everything you need to know to get gorgeous pinup photos, demonstrated step by step with stunning photographs:


* Why the camera adds 10 pounds and how you can avoid this effect.

* Tricks fashion and pinup models use to "sculpt" their bodies. You can look like you have:
Bigger, perkier breasts!
A smaller waist!
Legs that go on for miles!
Slimmer hips or a fuller booty (depending on your preference)

* Traditional pinup poses for an authentic, retro look.

* Photo movement, including specifics for face, body, and hands.

* Techniques you can practice at home to master the art of always looking fabulous in front of the camera.

* Effective prop use: learn to pose well with everything from chairs to parasols to your own clothing and costuming.

* Personality projection: You’ve heard that “it’s all in the eyes” and the best models “make love to the camera.” Learn how to gain confidence in front of the camera and present a powerful persona.

* Photo styling: Coordinating clothing, accessories, props and backdrop/background to create stunning and effective imagery.


* Hair and makeup techniques for creating looks from the 1920's through 1950's.

* How to recognize clothing styles from the 1920's through 1950's.

* The evolution of pinup posing styles through the decades.


* Finding and working with photographers, including important questions you should always ask, safety considerations, model releases, and what to expect when you arrive at the studio.

* What to pack and how to prepare for a photo shoot.
Praise for the
Bombshell Betty
Pinup Workshop:

"Betty and Darling were really reassuring and just made me feel hot," admits Sara Jane. She's still raving about the class - from the props and makeup to the real tricks to being photographed, she can take the experience into her everyday life. And she's thinking of going back with a group of friends. Katie, too, is all raves about playing dress up: "I didn't think I could look that girlie in a photo. It's a rarity. I can't wait to show them off."

And for me, well, I liked reaching outside of who I thougth I was, as Betty says, creating a sort of alter ego. Or maybe I was creating a whole new way of looking at myself, big hips and all. If you see me on stage soon, twirling pasties and eating fire, well, you'll know what I mean."

-Diane Anderson-Minshall
Curve Magazine

I am indeed 110% satisfied... You made me feel very comfortable, which is not easy for me when I'm not wearing much clothing! The posing instruction was great and taught me how to make the most of my body type (and hide my "yucky bits") but what helped the most was your guidance during the picture taking, I don't think I would have had many pictures I liked without you showing me how to pose myself frame by frame. I liked so many of the photos and the ones I didn't I could clearly see how a different pose or facial expression would have made the difference.

I've always considered myself unphotogenic, but now I see that I just needed to learn how to work the camera, it's all about how you pose. As you know I'm recently divorced, and you made me feel beautiful and sexy again, for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for giving me back my confidence!

New York, NY

Wow is all I can say! I can't believe how many pictures we took and how many of them actually turned out great. I usually don't like pictures of myself that much. I still have to sort through and pick my favorites, but for the most part I was really impressed with how they turned out. Your preparation made me feel really comfortable and I had a great time. I really enjoyed the experience and I am so thankful that I came across your website. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience!
San Francisco, CA

I had a great experience with the workshop as a whole. I learned about my body, and I gained significant confidence in front of the camera. The day of the photoshoot... I felt comfortable and happy, and this translated into a ton of great photographs, a completely new experience for me.
San Francisco, CA

I can’t believe how fantastic EVERYONE looks! Your instructions along with [the photographer’s] skills were right on. It was such a fun experience, and totally comfortable...
San Francisco, CA


Plain Jane to Pinup Queen: Pinup Modeling Workshop in a Book
Author: Bombshell Betty
Photography: Randy Johnson
ISBN-13: 978-0-9816474-0-1
ISBN-10: 0-9816474-0-5

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