Whether you simply want to dazzle your loved ones or shock your enemies with your fabulous new self, this one-of-a-kind combination workshop and photo shoot will transform you into the living, breathing pinup queen you’ve always wanted to be!

Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshops offer women of every body type, age, and background the opportunity to learn how to look fabulous in front of a camera, improve body image, and come away with MANY stunningly beautiful righ-resolution images of themselves. Many women who have taken the workshop have been shocked by the results - they never imagined they could look so glamorous and photogenic!

When you have completed a Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop, you will not only have many amazing, high resolution photos of yourself, you will also have learned the modeling skills needed to get great results from future photo shoots and candid pictures! “Pose a woman for a shoot, give her great pictures for a day. Teach her to pose, give her great pictures for life!”


Bombshell Betty ran her last Pinup Workshop in January 2013, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! 

For a limited time, Bombshell Betty will be running private and small group photo shoots at Luxury Residences in San Francisco.
Every week or two, you'll have the opportunity to book shoots in a new, posh location!

Appointments for private shoots are available weekdays and some weekday evenings. 

Small group shoots (up to 3 participants only!) will run on Saturdays and Sundays. 

FREE BONUS (a $97 value!)
: All bookings for photo shoots include the Posing Perfection video course, so that you can practice your posing and face expressions and learn how to be more photogenic before you even show up for your photo session!

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