Untapped SF (Sept 9, 2011)
Suits to Sequins: Burlesque in San Francisco
By Vanessa Chan

There’s something funny happening to the women of San Francisco. Professional women of all age, race and creed, and who have fought long and hard to achieve the success they have—as bankers, teachers, lawyers, engineers, business owners—are adopting raunchy stage names, donning sparkly little negligees and accessorizing with false eyelashes, rhinestones, sequins and feather boas. But more scandalous (and arguably more exciting) is what they do once they are in costume: a sexy pout, a teasing smile, a chest shimmy, a hip wriggle. The audience roars, and suddenly, each of these sexy, successful women is stripping; bit by bit, negligees, corsets, satin gloves, thigh highs, garter belts, fishnet stockings and bras fall to the ground. The screaming reaches a feverish pitch. Very soon, each of these women is naked on a very public stage, but for a tiny G-string and breasts covered by sequined pasties and twirling tassels. 

Common Ground (SF Feb 2009. Pg 30)

Hot For Teacher: Get your mojo flowing with these sexy classes and seminars. By Carly Milne 
Combining a good workout with a sexy edge, Burlesquercise offers the best of both worlds when it comes to breaking a sweat. After the bump-n-grind warm-up followed by an official workout, attendees learn how to strut, work a boa, twirl tassels, and even learn some choreography. . . .

7 X 7
On Sunday, pin-up vixens-in-training can learn how to create 1940’s styles including victory rolls and pin curls during Bombshell Betty’s retro hair styling workshop taught by the woman behind Bombshell Betty Pin-Up Workshops and Burlesquercise dance classes.

Venus Magazine
New York. A Venus Staffer and her friends are transformed by the Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop. Fall 2008 issue, on news stands now!. 
Read the writeup here!

Talk with Baily
KCAA Radio, July 3, 2008, 2:00pm. LA, Orange County and Inland Empire, CA.

Outta Bounds
KICU 36, Cable 6 (Bay Area) / June 7, 2008
Co-host Erica takes a Burlesquercise lesson and then performs with the Burlesqueteers at the Uptown Hubba Hubba Revue. Did you miss the episode? Don't worry, the video will be posted here soon!

SF Weekly
Best of San Francisco Awards 2008 / May 28, 2008
Best Aerobics Alternative: Bombshell Betty Dance Burlesquercise.

Tired of the gym? Yawning at yoga? If your workout routine needs a little oomph and maybe even a dose of va-va-voom, get off the treadmill and slap on those pasties. Bombshell Betty is the eponymous shimmy-shaker who leads gaggles of women — from shy coeds to brassy grandmas — to hot bods and greater confidence, sans the sweat and ogling crowds. This ain't just boa-fluffy stripper aerobics. As titillating as the moves can be, Betty's bump 'n' grind warm-ups and rigorous cancan routines will add to soreness in muscle groups you never knew you had. And if you want to go beyond merely gyrating your way to better gams, you can put all that knowledge on performance and persona building to good use and join Bombshell Betty's all-inclusive Burlesqueteers, who are responsible for spreading their leader's implicit message that exercising and nourishing your inner pinup idol shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Venus Zine
Staff Favorite: Joelle Caputa loves Bombshell Betty / May 27, 2008
Finally! An outlet to put fixations with red lipstick, flower barrettes, and halter dresses to use: Bombshell Betty pin-up girl workshops. Ladies eager to unleash their inner glam learn the art of posing and styling, then end the day with a photoshoot. Book your session now at

Skin&Ink Magazine
Bombshell Betty's Tattooed Pinup Girls
By Tim Coleman / April 2008

In the ever-spinning wheel of fashion, the retro look of classic pinup modeling is making another comeback... Tall and curvaceous, Bombshell Betty is a self-proclaimed "retrosexual." She has been promoting the pinup aesthetic for many years and thinks its current revival and the popularity of her workshops are due to the fact that women of all ages and body types can participate.

SF Gate (SF Chronicle online)
Ugly Violet: Every girl online is fat, ugly and unsexy. Here's how to get over it.
By Violet Blue: Open Source Sex Column/ March 27, 2008

I asked a real-life Betty — beautiful, famous local burlesque dancer and burlesque/image educator Bombshell Betty - how she contends with class after class of women struggling with feeling and acting sexy. Betty takes often nervous, ordinary women and, through the art of striptease, changes their body images and somehow makes them feel sexy enough to take of their clothes, often onstage (and she blogs about it, too). 

Curve Magazine
I Was a Middle-Aged Pinup
By Diane Anderson-Minshall / Jan-Feb 2008

It's a rare warm, sunny day in San Francisco and I'm trotting down to South of Market with a suitcase full of clothes that can only charitably be called "slutty." I'm a die-hard power femme but by no means a real girlie girl. (Bulldagger I've been called, bombshell; well, maybe not.) But today I'm going to change all that, thanks to the help of two women: a 30-year burlesque queen slash local icon, Bombshell Betty, and her trusty rock-star photographer, Darling Propaganda. And I've dragged along two Curvettes - associate publisher Sara Jane Keskula and assistant editor Katie Peoples - who get to undergo their own transformations in front of the camera. 
Read the full article.

TODO Magazine
February 2007 TODO Reader of the Month
Let's say you're into exhibitionism (big stretch). Where are your three favorite places to indulge? "Yes, you could say I'm into that! Aside from my classes and performances, my favorite places to dress up or undress are..."

Eros Zine
Bombshell Betty Models for Inaugural Dr. Sketchy Barbary Coast
By Thomas Roche / January 28, 2007

...ogle the sensuous curves of Bombshell Betty, one and only purveyor of Burlesquercise and well-known bump-n-grinder about town... she will perform a burlesque number that will knock your socks to the rafters, Bub. Prepare to spend several hours attempting (unsuccessfully) to stuff your tongue back in your mouth, capiscio?

SF Weekly
Dance Dance Resolution: Taking funky steps toward feeling good
By Tamara Palmer / January 17, 2007

One sexy lady to drop in on is Bombshell Betty, the mistress of Burlesquercise. Hers is a fun twist on what might sound like a played-out genre (burlesque or stripper aerobics) because her tongue is more firmly in cheek, and the exercise is more in the foreground than the bump-and-grind... She offers pinup modeling workshops if the dance classes aren't enough. Her DVD is called Intro to Burlesquercise, should this all sound terribly enticing but possibly too embarrassing to do in public.

SF Gate(SF Chronicle online)
Shake Your Fruitcake
By Violet Blue / November 30, 2006

Anticipating too many gingerbread men and not enough mistletoe? Beloved local burlesque performer Bombshell Betty offers a plethora of Intro to Burlesquercise mini-sessions ... where one can learn how to strut and shimmy one's fruitcake-laden hips, for real. I've taken her classes and can vouch for both the effectiveness of the pinup moves and the ease with which bump and grind can thereafter be performed, whether at home in front of the mirror when one thinks one's roommates have left for the holidays, or under duress after 20 rum eggnogs and unable to find Mark Morford's cubicle for a nap -- and photocopying one's bum on Chronicle letterhead. Her classes are great. 

SF Bay Guardian
Haute House Burlesque
By Aaron Sankin / Thursday, September 28, 2006

Admit it - it’s been way too long since you’ve seen a good burlesque show. The best way to rectify this situation is to check out the Haute House Burlesque Review. Picture a mashup of ’50s style, extravagant song and dance productions, and strippers. Haute House stars Bombshell Betty, Lily le Rogue, Miss Banana Peel, Coconut Cream, Mynx d’Meanor, Sweet Cheeks, Ophelia Coeur de Noir, and Isis Stars. The house band for the evening is Lucifer’s Old-Timey Strip Club Band and complimentary champagne is served at intermission. Formal attire and fancy dress are encouraged. 

SF Bay Guardian
Bombshell workout: 
Burlesquercise turns plain Janes into modern Mae Wests
BY MARKE B. / Friday April 14, 2006

Fishnets or frilly panties are the only requirements, and, the class is told, "your character will come to you." Fifteen or so women of all ages and shapes fill the small dance studio, some giggling nervously, others gripping the small metal chairs in front of them and stretching out their supple legs. As the woozy wah-wah of a slide trombone fills the air, the teacher, a bodacious brunette named Bombshell Betty, enters in a peekaboo teddy, her flimsy red kimono fluttering behind her like a cloud of naughty butterflies.

She straddles the chair closest to the wall-length mirror. "Let's start off with a seductive shoulder roll," she coos, angling one of her strapless blades back and pouting slightly into her reflection. The members of the class oblige, slowly loosening the bonds of daily pressures and surrendering to their own allure. The music starts to build to a crescendo; cymbals crash. Hot pink boa feathers drift down to the floor. "Now jiggle a little," Betty urges, adding a tiny torso shake, "and tease your mental audience's expectations...
Vaudeville Vixens Get Fit With 'Burlesquercise' 
By Sara Bonisteel / Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NEW YORK — The old bump and grind is the new way to tone abs and thighs.

That old vaudeville staple, burlesque, is fast becoming a workout of choice for women across the nation as the lost art of the striptease finds renewed popularity in clubs from New Orleans to Los Angeles.

The art form, once made famous by the likes of Gypsy Rose Lee and fan dancer Sally Rand, is gaining a following of female fans sized 0 to 18.

"Burlesque attracts a real wide demographic," said Bombshell Betty, a 28-year-old "burly-Q" dancer who teaches "Burlesquercise" in the San Francisco area. "Everyone wants to be Jessica Rabbit, and this at least gives them an opportunity to play at being that."

Betty's students range from women in their early 20s to middle-aged suburban moms, who come to learn the basics of a striptease and maybe kick-start their own dancing careers.

"We teach the classic moves, like the bump and grind, the Jell-O-on-springs kind of Marilyn Monroe walk," she said. "I teach people how to develop their own persona or character based on what they find sexy."

Eros Zine
Bombshell Betty Interview and Photospread
by Abby Ehmann / January 10, 2006

San Francisco's Bombshell Betty is a retrosexual, glorifying the pinup model and reveling in the bump and grind of grand ol' burlesque. As a performer she has graced many a stage, artfully revealing her assorted attributes for all she's worth. But this bodacious beauty has taken her tassel twirling to a whole new level as a teacher of tease. She has coined the term "Burlesquercise," blending the lessons of body celebration and entertaining exercise. Betty also enlightens lensmen and models in the glamorous ways of bygone days. She took some time out of her daily grind -- ha-ha! -- to have a few words with Eros Zine.
Shake that Fruitcake, Don't Break It
Violet Blue / December 21, 2005

The holiday parties and dinners are adding up, but we can't let that slow us down, even if we're, uh, having an interesting time fitting into our jeans. But here at SFist, we cannot allow carb counting, calorie obsession or shallow breathing in our 501s prevent us from all the cocktails the holiday has to spare, no sir. Which is why we're thanking our lucky stars, bombshells and cherry-bomb pinup idols for Bombshell Betty and her Burlesquercise classes.


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