Since March 2004, I have watched my programs create positive changes in the lives of thousands of women (and some men, too!) across the country and around the world. Participants in my classes, workshops and shows say that my programs have changed the way they see their bodies and their selves, changed the way they relate to others and live in the world, and brought joy and self-acceptance into their lives where they had previously questioned their own worth.

This is why I do what I do. I do this because I love people, and I truly want to be of service to those who can benefit from my programs. I want to see every one of you shining with confidence, secure in your own sexiness, going after your dreams. I want to see you all living your lives at your full potential, working on expanding that potential until you have come so far that you are amazed when you look back at where you started out. I want you to amaze yourself with your own fabulousness. I want you to feel sexy and sassy and stylish and present your best self to the world every single day. Why? Because it feels so good! When you are feeling confident, the world opens up to you, and you can accomplish anything! This is what I want for you.

This is the motivation behind everything that I do. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying to me than watching you step beyond your previous comfort zone and accomplish things that you didn’t dream were possible. I want you to feel like a goddess, a celebrity, a star. I want to see you express yourself as the beautiful, brilliant genius that you are. This is how I see you, and nothing is more thrilling for me than to watch you begin to see this in yourself, even just letting the awareness seep in through a small crack in your shell at first before really letting it in.

So join me for some fun, and experience the benefits in your life along the way! And remember...

When in doubt, Shake it!
Bombshell Betty

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