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Get your pinup poker deck pre-sale orders in now!   

Special Pre-Sale Pricing: 

1 Deck = $10
2-5 Decks = $9 each
6-10 Decks = $8 each
11+ Decks = $7 each

To receive your discount, choose your pricing category from the drop-down menu based on the number of decks you will be ordering and add then the number of decks you would like to purchase to the cart.

Prices listed above do not include shipping. If you would like your order shipped to you, please add the appropriate flat rate shipping from the menu below based on the number of decks you're ordering. Otherwise, you may pick up your decks at the studio or at one of our shows. Contact us to set up a time to meet up. 

Orders of 1-2 decks will be shipped USPS First Class Mail. 
Orders of 3+ decks will be shipped USPS Priority Mail.  


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