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Do you think you are just not photogenic or that you don't have the right body type to look good in pictures? 

Do you cringe every time someone pulls out a camera at an event? 

I have good news for you... Anyone can learn to be more photogenic! 

It's all in learning the secrets to visually sculpting your body through posing techniques and learning how to express your personality vibrantly in front of the camera.

Believe it or not, these skills CAN be taught! 

Just in time for the holidays, I am releasing the key to instantly becoming fabulously photogenic: the "Posing Perfection" online video course! Yep, even though I will not be offering Pinup Workshops for a while, you can learn my complete posing training system that has helped so many women achieve amazing transformations... instantly!

- Video footage of the entire posing lessons taught at the acclaimed Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshops, including posing tips for pinup modeling as well as tips for getting flattering photos for any kind of photography, including snapshots!

- Expanded posing training including posing with props, advanced photo movement, and special posing tricks for various body types. 

Each order includes a customized gift certificate, which you can either print yourself or receive by mail. 

The recipient will then receive a welcome email including download and login instructions, either on Dec 26 or a later date of your choosing, so as not to spoil the surprise!

This is an incredible deal! Previously, you could only get this training at a Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop ($295-$375).

A $35 value! Also includes a Kindle or PDF version of my book, "," which has been out of print and completely unavailable for ages! You won't find this anywhere else! ()

A $10 value! The first 25 orders will also receive a Bombshell Betty Pinup Poker Deck, featuring photographs taken at Pinup Workshops across the US. These are the last decks that I have, so get yours while you can!

Whether you're treating yourself or someone you love, what could be better than a fun, glamorous gift that instantly makes you feel like a million bucks? 

This is effective and powerful training that will change your relationship with the camera for life, and you won't find it anywhere else! 

So order yours today and take advantage of the holiday discount!

...As someone who has taken the workshop, I can say first-hand how exciting it was to see everyone (especially myself!) transform from “regular” ladies into confident and cheeky sexpots. Plus, Betty is amazing at teaching great ways to help you look and feel your best in any situation. ~Skye

I’ve taken her pin-up workshop and it’s awesome. She makes you feel comfortable with yourself and to make yourself look and feel amazing everyday. I still use everything that I learned from her to this day. ~Annie P.

Participating in Betty’s pinup workshop was such an inspirational, empowering and confidence-building experience that has allowed me to do so many things since then that I would’ve previously never thought possible. To top all that off, the creativity and freedom involved with this work feels like the most fun I’ve had since kindergarten! The talent and depth of knowledge possessed by Betty and her like-minded colleagues is boundless. We definitely need to see more programs that demonstrate to women the power they possess and encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and sexuality in a popular culture that still devalues women and reduces them to unflattering, misogynistic stereotypes. ~Loreley

I was lucky enough to attend one of these workshops and send the pictures to my deployed husband over seas he was shocked and suprised about the amazing pictures that she did. I have always been really shy but doing this brought a stay at home mom out of the shell I put myself in and made my husband see me as a sexy hot woman and not just his kids mom. I wish the ladies at Bomb shell betty the best of luck and look forward to cheering on others to do this life changing adventure! ~Nancy Wilson

What an amazing and empowering experience! I was gifted Bombshell Betty’s Pinup Workshop and Photoshoot. It was such a self-esteem boost. I learned which angles are more flattering for photos, how to make my eyes look more dramatic using makeup and A, E, I, O, U and Sometimes Y. Try it for yourselves. I know I’ll be back. ~Alexandria

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