Moving Sale!

The lease is ending in June, so it's time to get ready to move! It's been a wonderful 5 years here at the Bombshell Betty studio, but now we're looking toward the future, and it's time to make some big changes!

* The live/work situation was great for a while, but the new studio will be a full-time, dedicated dance studio. This means that there will be more wonderful classes to choose from and more options for days and times to take the classes you know and love! Some of the new classes in the works: 

- Intro to Cardio Can-Can with Red Velvet
- Go-Go Groove with Cosette L'Amour
- Acting for Burlesque with Amelia Mulkey (aka Cherry Chapstick)

* Depending on how the fundraising goes, I would like to move the studio into a bigger space with at least 2 dance studios, which will offer even more options for classes, studio rentals, and special events. 

* We're expanding, which means I'll need to hire an assistant, customer service reps, and more!

Well, it's obviously going to take a fair bit of moola to make all of this happen! I considered creating a campaign through Kickstarter, but they only allow campaigns for "creative projects" and this counts as a business venture. So, I've decided to do the same thing here by offering amazing rewards and never-offered-before classes (which you may never see again). Here are the ways you can make out like a bandit during the Bombshell Betty Moving Sale: 

I'm offering a limited number of super-discounted gift certificates. Buy the certificate now at the discounted price, and you'll receive a coupon code for the full amount, redeemable after June 1!

- Get a $150 coupon for only $100! (Save 33%!)
- Get a $500 coupon for only $250! (Save 50%!)

Can't afford a special class or gift certificate? Help us fundraise while also contributing to the Everyday Bombshell Scholarship Fund

- $5 Contribution - You'll receive a personalized thank you postcard from a scholarship recipient and enjoy knowing that you're helping spread the joy and confidence of burlesque dancing and pinup modeling to ladies who couldn't otherwise attend the classes!

- $10 Contribution - Same as the $5 contribution, PLUS you'll receive a pack of 10 Burlesqueteer Trading Cards!

To make things really interesting, I've decided to offer some very unusual classes that I have never offered before, and you may never see these classes again! Stay tuned, I'll be adding these classes over the next few days...

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